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Why Film?

Learn about Austin, Texas based documentary wedding and event photographer Corey Mendez.

Why I Still Shoot (Some) Film

As a photographer I have to approach things as a business person and an artist. As a business person film is expensive, time consuming and slow. As an artist it's romantic, painterly, and tangible.

In my personal life I shoot film almost exclusively. I've sat on a beach with a crush. Taken a walk through a park with my family. Sat in the hospital with my grandmother. In each of those moments I raised my camera and in doing so placed a thin piece of plastic, gelatin, and silver halides between me and my subject.

The film is for less than a second exposed to the warm summer sun reflecting off the face of a crush. The sickly glow of hospital lights mixing with bright daylight. The dim light of a setting sun illuminating a creek as my sister and her dog splash through the water. The light imprinting onto the film a latent image.


What I'm left with isn't just an image of the moment. It was there with me.

If you asked my why I shoot film I could say "it retains highlights better than digital" or "I like the color rendition better than digital". The truth is it's inferior to digital in most ways, but at least to me it's romantic. That alone makes it worth it.