Documentary Wedding and Event Photography - Austin, Tx



Corey the kick ass photographer! Corey snapped our secret elopement in Austin (March 2016). - we met at Lou Neff Point, Ladybird Lake (spectacular location, and free!) where he did his magic with two cameras which had WiFi so he could message me one straight away! Corey then drove us to Capitol Hill for graffiti shots, his direction was appreciated, and then Congress for more shots. That’s not it, Corey then met us at Mohawk in the evening as we attended a gig, he took photos of us at the gig, he really goes all the way! Corey is quirky, has excellent communication, and is a really sweet guy. I highly recommend using his talent for your wedding, and other events!
— Gemma A
Corey did an amazing job of photographing our wedding day. Every moment was beautifully captured in an elegant and timeless manner. We cannot get over his approach in style and how he made each photo candid, dramatic, and full of life. During the day he left small instant photo prints out for anyone to take, we all loved it! Corey was awesome to work with as well, he met us wherever we had to go to get ready and worked hard throughout the entire wedding. If you like candid, storytelling, and beautiful photos, Corey is the photographer!
— Jackie L
What a gem Corey is. He truly has a gift. I wanted a photographer that could capture the celebratory spirit of our wedding, knowing that I have a wild group of friends and a large, loving family. I wanted shots that were more artistic than posed, shots that captured quiet moments and that had layers and depth. I wanted a real, documentary-style photographer. My mom wanted someone who wouldn’t boss us around and make us take cheesy pictures. Corey met all of those wants! I had so many friends and family members that said some variation of, “He was so great! He was all over the place taking pictures, and you hardly noticed him!” - Your photos are given to you on an incredibly easy-to-use website, and they are just beautiful —and poignant, and hilarious, and everything you had hoped for. I feel so lucky that I found him, and if are on his site, you should feel lucky too!
— Margaret G